Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Strategy Guide – Team Player Part 2

After the militants attack your convoy, you’re free to return fire. Your turret has unlimited ammo and doesn’t overheat, so go nuts. As the attack becomes a little overwhelming, your driver starts to drive, just like his title implies. As the humvee speeds along, you’ll have to be very vigilant of the surrounding area. You’ll pass vehicles with mounted machine guns that will make short work of your humvee if you don’t take them out first.

Pretty soon, after ramming a vehicle out of the way, your humvee will get hit with an RPG. This is it for the vehicle portion, Quickly sprint inside the nearby building and take cover – the street is a total deathtrap. Once inside, take a minute to recover any health you might have lost. The second floor of the building is full of enemies, so make sure you’re in good health before trekking up there.

As you go up to the second floor, toss a flashbang to stun the room, allowing you to plow in and mow everyone down. Once the building is clear, you’ll receive a distress call from friendlies trapped in the nearby school. Exit your current building and haul ass across the school grounds and into the front entrance.

The school is teeming with unfriendlies, so move with caution. Once you clear the ground floor, take the stairs up to the second level. This is where you’ll find most of the militants that are pinning down your allies.  You’ll come across an enemy that is firing out the windows, completely oblivious to your presence. You can take him down from behind, but be ready for more enemies off to the right.

You can either head down the right hall and face them head on, or take a different right through a classroom that will exit out behind them. This is probably the easier strategy. After you’ve taken them out, you can head to the evacuation point. More militants wait in a hallway for you. Again, you can either face them head on or go through the nearby classroom and flank them.

As you exit the school, you’ll come to a narrow alley full of hostiles. If you still have any grenades, now is the time to use them, as the mission is just about over anyway. After you clear them out, head up and rendezvous with friendly forces.

Completing this mission gets you the Danger Close Achievement/Trophy.

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