Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Strategy Guide – Team Player Part 1

This is your first real mission, so look sharp! As you get to your feet, immediately take cover at the river bank before you get your head blown off. Your squad is battling it out with enemies on the other side of the river. The bridge above has a big gaping hole in the middle, which is making it hard to cross. As your fellow troops work to remedy the situation, you need to hold back the ground forces.

This is a good opportunity to test your accuracy under fire. Remember that snap targeting! It’s also a good time to test that trusty grenade launcher attachment. Lob a few of those bad boys across to the other side and see how the arc works. Just be sure to stay crouched behind the embankment and you should be relatively safe from incoming fire.

Eventually, enemies will appear on the bridge, and some of them have RPGs. Starting concentrating your fire on those guys. If they’re grouped close together, bust out your grenade launcher and try to take them all out at once. Once they’re dead, head up to the bridge and hop into the back the humvee. Be sure not to run in front of it – you can get killed. After an airstirke levels a building up ahead, the convoy will roll out.

Be sure not to shoot before you’re told to. You’ll want to, as loads of scary militants watch your convoy from all sides and give you the serious heeby jeebies. But until they try anything, you’re not allowed to fire. Even if you catch a glimpse of an RPG or two, don’t shoot!

This silence doesn’t last. As your humvee pulls up to an abandoned school, the militants on the adjacent rooftop open fire on the vehicles below. It’s on!

Continued in Part 2.

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