Miyamoto working on “Educational” games…makes gamers sad

Ever wish that Miyamoto would just get back to work designing games we actually want to play?  We love the guy. He is the father of modern gaming…but he just seems to have stopped caring about making real gameplay. The man who showed us that 3D platforming could not only be done, but it could be amazing, is now working on *shutters* educational games.

While in the U.K. to attend the BAFTA awards, the designer stated that he is mainly working on making the DS an educational tool for Japan. *sigh* We love you Miyamoto but please stop doing this to us. Come back to the gamer side of things… Please?

Shigeru ended up taking home a Fellowship award from the BAFTAs. He really does deserve it. Regardless of what he is doing now, many of us would not be playing the spectacular games we have today without him. The industry really was built on his shoulders. Even if they are now the shoulders of a “embarrassing old hero” who is starting to go crazy.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. I’m also getting tired of the move towards educational games. It seems to me now that DS in general (especially with the DSI – for gamers, losing the GBA slot is a bad idea!), is changing to only cater for the casuals. I bought a DS because everybody raged about it, and I believed it would be a great way for me to first discover Nintendo (having grown up with the Amiga, Playstation and PC.) It seems since buying it however, most of the games being released for it are either educational or too childish – Nintendo not doing much to impress me so far. I have my PC for such things, consoles are for gaming, when will the focus go back to where it should be.

  2. Daniel.Robert.Campbell · Edit

    I hear ya. The Nintendo today is a far cry from the Nintendo of yesteryear. These days they are more concerned about making the quick buck rather than leaving a gaming industry legacy.

  3. thats pretty much what nintendo is all about now is fun kid and family friendly games.. they try to mix in a little modern warfare and resident evil in there but those games go un-noticed.

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