Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker teams up with…well…almost everyone!

Konami had a press conference the other day and announced that Snake is making a play for, “biggest video game whore”. While the crown has always belonged to Mario, he never used Axe Body Spray as a health recovery item. Think I’m joking? Well have a gander below for a list of all the “partnerships” and what they will be producing.

Square Enix: Mech parts from the upcoming “Front Mission Evolved” will appear in MGS:PW
Play Arts: will be designing and producing figurines of characters from MGS:PW
Monster Hunter Portible 2nd G: Snake will appear in Monster Hunter game as a playable “skin/character”
Axe: Axe Body spray will appear in game as a recovery item…yup…
Doritos: Dorito chips will be a recovery item in game
Sony: Various “walkman” models will be in game allowing the player to listen to music.
Assassin’s Creed 2: Snake will play animations found in AC2 as well as being able to wear a “Straw Bail Box”
Uniqlo: Will be selling MGS T-shirts that come with a code to unlock a similar shirt in game for Snake to wear.
Mountain Dew: Selling MGS themed cans. Cans come with code to unlock Mountain Dew T-shirt in game
Various Magazines: Other than advertising, it is still unclear what role these will play in game.

So there ya go… I really hope this is just Kojima screwing with us…and knowing him, that is very possible. But if this is true, I can’t imagine MGS:PW cost very much to make. With how many product placement occurrence that are slated to be in this game, they could give the damn UMD away and still make money.

[Partnership 1]
[Partnership 2]
[Partnership 3]
[Partnership 4]
[Partnership 5]
[Partnership 6]

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  1. Daniel.Robert.Campbell · Edit

    I’m not a big fan of the idea. I usually do not mind a little product tie in…but this is pretty pathetic. I’m still holding out hope that this is one big joke.

  2. Kojima has said several times that he’s tired to death of MGS. I lol’d when Snake threw-up then smashed his face in his own vomit in MGS4. Kojima doesn’t do anything in terms of fan service. It makes me like him oddly enough.

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