Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker teams up with…well…almost everyone!

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker teams up with…well…almost everyone!

Konami had a press conference the other day and announced that Snake is making a play for, “biggest video game whore”. While the crown has always belonged to Mario, he never used Axe Body Spray as a health recovery item. Think I’m joking? Well have a gander below for a list of all the “partnerships” and what they will be producing.

Square Enix: Mech parts from the upcoming “Front Mission Evolved” will appear in MGS:PW
Play Arts: will be designing and producing figurines of characters from MGS:PW
Monster Hunter Portible 2nd G: Snake will appear in Monster Hunter game as a playable “skin/character”
Axe: Axe Body spray will appear in game as a recovery item…yup…
Doritos: Dorito chips will be a recovery item in game
Sony: Various “walkman” models will be in game allowing the player to listen to music.
Assassin’s Creed 2: Snake will play animations found in AC2 as well as being able to wear a “Straw Bail Box”
Uniqlo: Will be selling MGS T-shirts that come with a code to unlock a similar shirt in game for Snake to wear.
Mountain Dew: Selling MGS themed cans. Cans come with code to unlock Mountain Dew T-shirt in game
Various Magazines: Other than advertising, it is still unclear what role these will play in game.

So there ya go… I really hope this is just Kojima screwing with us…and knowing him, that is very possible. But if this is true, I can’t imagine MGS:PW cost very much to make. With how many product placement occurrence that are slated to be in this game, they could give the damn UMD away and still make money.

[Partnership 1]
[Partnership 2]
[Partnership 3]
[Partnership 4]
[Partnership 5]
[Partnership 6]

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