Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Bundle Announced

Sony has finally confirmed that the upcoming portable installment in the Metal Gear series is going to be getting a PSP bundle, similar to the previous game, Portable Ops, which got a premium pack including a rather stylish camo PSP.  When Peace Walker releases this May it too will be getting a special edition PSP covered in camouflage perfect for stealth gaming (whatever that is).  Like any good bundle that’s not all that will come packed within the box as a pouch, cleaning cloth, and obviously, the game will be included as well.  You can get all this for just under $300 when Peace Walker releases on May 25th.

Not quite hardcore enough for you?  Do you want something that just screams ‘Metal Gear fan’?  Alright, for an extra $100 you can get the Limited Edition bundle that brings with it a pair of dog tags, numbered stand, and art book.  That should be enough to satiate even the hardcorest of hardcore.

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