Mass Effect 2: Awakening – Medical Facility Walkthrough

In the previous guide I discussed the basics of creating a character and guided you through the process so that you could create a character that would be best suited for you.  In this guide I will walk you through the medical facility that begins your journey as the new Shepard.

Project Lazarus

After creating Shepard and setting all of the parameters for your game, you will wake up on an operating table and hear faint voices in the background.  Things are looking rather fuzzy and you soon see two people standing over you claiming that you aren’t ready to be awake yet and rushing around in a frenzy to get your levels stabilized, and soon you are drifting back into a deep sleep.

Suddenly you are reawakened to the voice of Miranda informing you that you need to get up and get moving because the medical facility is under attack.  She leads you through a few brief tutorials allowing you to pick up a weapon and get acquainted with your controls.  She will lead you through the medical so make sure you listen to your orders.  You can only go so many places, so eventually you will end up where you need to go.

Pay attention to your surroundings and you will be able to find voice logs giving you some insight as to what’s going on in this facility.  By picking up the pieces you soon learn that you have been rescued by Cerberus and have been pieced back together by advanced technology.  Shepard is considered the most valuable thing in the facility and it’s not hard to assume that you weren’t rescued for nothing, but you have a big job to do.

This is Thermal Clip, it’s ammo for your weapons.

Before too long you will be facing off against a mech, which is determined to destroy Shepard.  Make sure you take cover behind anything that is lying around, and aim for the head, it’s a much quicker take down.

Make your way up the stairs and into the next large room where you will face off against more mechs.  Once again take cover and listen to Miranda as she will be giving you advice on how to use your powers and other techniques.  The mechs you are facing at the beginning are called LOKI Mechs, they aren’t very powerful, and are usually encountered in larger numbers of three or more.  Hitting them with powers that take down shields like Overload and then hitting them with a few slugs in the head are the quickest ways to take them down.

Make your way up the stairs and around the corner where you will find a fallen human lying next to an M-100 Grenade Launcher.  Pick up the weapon fire on the three mechs that come pouring out with guns blazing.  Fire your newly found Grenade Launcher into the crowd and a well-placed shot should take them out, or at least injure them badly.

After passing through the door that the mechs came out of turn to your left and enter into the the door where you will find more information stored on computer terminals and a wall safe.

Wall Safe Hack Puzzle.

Exit the room the way you came in and make your way down the long hall and through the door to your left accessing the public computer on your way.  Make your way into the next area where you will meet your first squad member, Jacob.


Meet Jacob, he’s a nice guy.

Jacob is found in a large room fighting off a group of mechs across a large gap and it looks like he needs your help as much as you need his, so make your way over to him to start your first conversation.  You will now have the opportunity to ask some questions about what is going on, and you find out that you aren’t on an Alliance vessel and you have been “dead” for the past two years while the Lazarus project was set in place to specifically bring Shepard back to life.  Jacob won’t give you the answer to every question until you help him out with the mechs first though, so end the conversation and get started on those mechs.

You now have the option of controlling what your partner does.  Start out by holding down the Right Bumper button to pull up a power wheel that lets you choose what each squad member does.  Move the left joystick in the direction of the power you want to use, and move the right joystick in the direction of the enemy you want to use it on.

After the fight you have the opportunity to pursue another conversation in which you can find out more about all of your team members from the original Normandy and learn more about Jacob, Miranda, and Project Lazarus.  Make sure that you get as much information as you can out of the conversation because it’s easy to skip over things and miss them sometimes.


Grab the Medi-Gel on the opposite wall.

Soon after the conversation is over you will hear Wilson come over the intercom asking for help.  His transmission is cut short when mechs burst in and open fire in his location.  Shepard and Jacob need to make their way through a series of hallways to reach Wilson, taking out mechs along the way.  Make sure you are picking up thermal clips along the way to keep your ammo recharged.  Don’t forget to access Miranda’s terminal to find out more valuable information on Project Lazarus.

When you finally reach Wilson he has been injured, but only in the leg.  Grab a medi-gel from the container and follow the on screen instructions to heal him.  Remember that in Mass Effect 2 medi-gels are used to revive fallen members in battle, not to heal them as in the original Mass Effect.  Once Wilson is back on his feet you are attacked by more mechs, and it’s just a matter of taking them out by making use of the explosive containers scattered about the room.

Overload these crates.

After the fight is over you will reenter into another conversation with Wilson where you will have the chance to ask him some questions.  Wilson will not divulge much and he seems to be avoiding answering too many questions.  He does mention the Illusive Man and his secretiveness, and he discusses his part in Project Lazarus, but he assumes that Miranda is dead and that they should make their way out as quickly as possible.

Make your way through the corridors taking out mechs, terminals, and puzzles alike until you get to the hangar bay.  Here is where you will face your biggest amount of enemies, but it’s still nothing to sweat over.  Make your way towards the escape shuttles by either taking the left or right path (your team members will take the opposite path as you), and carefully move towards the object by strategically taking cover and using your powers and head shots effectively.

After you have taken out the mechs explore the area, especially the area the mechs came out of, to find all the goodies, which are a terminal and a data pad.  After you have explored to your hearts content, make your way to the objective.

Grab all the goodies.

Miranda and the Illusive Man

As it is not my job to tell you how to respond to each and every conversation that you involve yourself in, I will make this section very brief because most of it is dialogue.  Keep in mind that the conversation wheel is broken up into two ways; the left side of the wheel investigates further into the conversation to try to find out more info, while the right side of the conversation wheel brings the conversation towards its close.  Responses towards the top of the conversation wheel tend to give you paragon points, while those towards the bottom give you renegade points.  This is important to know when entering a conversation.

Miranda takes out Wilson when you are almost at the shuttles, and Shepard, Jacob, and Miranda are soon headed out of the facility and on to the Illusive Man.  Once you are on the shuttle you will be asked a series of question regarding your past and it will help serve as a refresher and will give you some more insight to the story.

Once you step off the shuttle you will be in a larger room with Miranda and Jacob; speaking to them won’t do much other than let you know that it is very important to go speak to the Illusive Man right away.  There isn’t too much to explore here, so head towards your objective point.  On the way to your objective point you can check out the armor customization area which allows you to control your appearance on and off of the Normandy.

Talking with the Illusive Man will give you yet another chance to get some answers as to why you are here and why you are with Cerberus.

You can ask more about your original squad members and you ultimately find out that you are on a mission to figure out what going on with the human colony abductions around the galaxy.  Your first stop is Freedom’s Progress, and this will be the location of your first mission.  When you are done with the Illusive Man, simply head back to the area where you first started and talk with Jacob and Miranda a little more before heading out of the doors and onto the next mission.

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