Mad Balls in BABO Invasion

I purchased Mad Balls for two dollars this past weekend on Steam as a nice weekend deal that Valve loves to do so much. With my expectations for the game being terribly low I went into it expecting the worst. Much to my surprise Mad Balls was able to out live its two dollar price tag with a surprisingly big punch. The game features 3 main game modes and 2 factions or teams two choose from. Each faction has its own multi-skinable set of 5-6 characters. The factions have names but you only need to know its straight-edged good guys and what I can only distinguish as a more ruthless bad-assed good guy team as they are both fighting for the same main goal.

You can play the single player story mode alone or with a friend in co-op mode. Its seems that the only real downfall to the game is that if you play on anything less that hard, the game finishes quite quickly, no matter there are two more game modes to select from.


Survival is a long running game style that has been adapted into some of the more popular titles that you see today, for example Left4Dead. In Mad Balls, swarm after swarm of moldy spores and crazy metal men with lasers, rockets, and ninja stars, enclose on your exact location. As do any progressive survival games, its a living hell to sit through the first 6 or 7 swarms waiting for it to get hard. Non-the-less, when the time comes, it is in fact that, “a living hell”.

The final and probably most entertaining is the versus mode. Use your actual upgraded players from single player against other people who are trying to do the same on to you. Me and my cousin said screw Death match and turned the game into Team Death match by working together, forcing the two unfortunate bastards we where playing against to rage quit faster than a counter strike source scrim. You can either play the single player to upgrade your weapons and special abilities or do it online, Id suggest getting used to them in single player.


Each character in the game has at least 2 special abilities. Some of them are quite off, but entertaining at the least. From flash bangs, nuclear-warheads, and healing bubbles, all the way to “Boba” who is basically Boba Fett and uses rocket jumping.

Overall, they isn’t worth more than five Dollars, but if you where lucky enough to get it for 2 like me, then you got more than your money’s worth.

I officially give Mad Balls in Babo Invasion a 7/10.

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