GamerSyndrome at E3 2010: Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring Hands-on

Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring is looking to make a [frog] splash on the wrestling game scene when it launches on August 9.  I got a chance to check out a promotional wrestling match featuring real AAA wrestlers.  It was great luchador match, and it got me in the mood to try out the playable demo.
Lucha Libre AAA played just like I expected it: there were strikes, running attacks, and weak and strong grapples.  There was also taunting galore (which raises your luchador’s popularity, making it easier for him to kick out of pinning predicaments), weapons, and lots of high flying moves.  It took me a little while to get used to the control scheme since I’m a longtime SmackDown vs. Raw veteran, but it was only a matter of time before I got the hang of it.

Booth babe/demonstrator. I played a match against her and lost, but not without a fight!

The game definitely felt polished, though the level of realism from the SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 demo I had played the day before left me wanting more realistic-looking moves and animations.  Still, the demo felt like a good crack at the wrestling game formula, and it’s going to be interesting seeing how this game competes with the WWE brand of video games.


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