Lost in Shadow to Launch January 4

Lost in Shadow to Launch January 4

If you haven’t been keeping up with Hudson Soft’s Lost in Shadow for the Wii, then shame on you, because it looks pretty promising.  Basically, you have to guide a boy’s shadow along walls and have him climb obstacles and solve puzzles among other things.  What makes this title so intriguing is that players will control the shadow directly, which is pretty cool.  But fear not, wary gamers, because the game’s protagonist will be able to take the form of light and travel across the foreground as well.

Unfortunately, Hudson has decided to make gamers who were eagerly anticipating the title wait just a tad longer for its release.  In a strategic move that can only be meant to avoid being lost in the shuffle of other great holiday releases, Hudson has slapped a Jauary 4 launch date on Lost in Shadow.

Here’s hoping this doesn’t hurt the hype or sales of the game.  Here’s also hoping Lost in Shadow isn’t delayed any further.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com


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