Looking Ahead: Super Scribblenauts

When the original Scribblenauts launched on the Nintendo DS last year, I played it nonstop until I beat it. I played it before and after class. Heck, I even played a little during class. Helping the hero with the rooster hat was fun, and it was most certainly different from other DS games at the time. We gave the game a prestigious score of 8.5 and recommended it to anyone with a DS. Here we are just over a year later, and Super Scribblenauts is already set to continue where its predecessor left off.

So how does the game look just a couple of days before its launch? Pretty awesome, actually. The first Scribblenauts featured over 200 puzzles, most of which were amazing in their design. The game was hampered a bit due to its tedious controls, but Scribblenauts was worth playing nonetheless. This time around, the folks over at 5th Cell have stated that the controls will be improved, which means poor Maxwell won’t be led to his untimely death at the bottom of a chasm as often as he did in the first game.

Of course I can’t talk about Super Scribblenauts without mentioning the new inclusion of adjectives. The moment I start playing the game I’ll definitely try to create some crazy creatures and objects. Spiked objects, furry objects, colorful objects. No one is 100% certain how the adjective system will work, but if it’s as awesome as 5th Cell has made it seem, then you can bet countless scribblers will be summoning some really insane creations.

Super Scribblenauts is set for launch on October 12. That means you’ve got until Tuesday to finish any DS games you’re currently playing. Trust me, if Super Scribblenauts is anything like the first game, then you’re going to spend all of your time playing it until you get through all of the game’s puzzles.

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