Looking Ahead: Sonic Colors

When I watched the very first trailer for Sonic Colors, I was confused and curious as to what the folks at Sega had up their sleeves. I pondered on all the possibilities, and I wondered if the game would be a sidescolling title, a 3D game like Sonic Unleashed, or another RPG like Sonic Chronicles. The music in the trailer was pretty cool, and the presentation itself showed promise. But promise isn’t Sonic’s strongest attribute. After all, many Sonic games have looked promising, only to leave gamers unsatisfied with the end product.

Fast forward a number of months, and we are now less than a day away from the launch of Sonic Colors. Gameplay footage, screenshots, and my hands-on experience with both versions of the game at this year’s E3 have all indicated one thing: Sonic Colors will be awesome. That may be a highly opinionated statement to make, but I stand by it 100%. So far the game has received favorable reviews on sites such as Destructoid, IGN, and GameSpot, so it’s highly likely that people who go out and purchase the game will enjoy it a lot, too.


Gamers have been waiting for a proper 3D Sonic game for years. Sonic Adventure delivered when it launched on the Dreamcast, and Sonic Adventure 2 was certainly no slouch, but 3D Sonic games have been a mixed bag. Sure, Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic Unleashed provided some fun gameplay, but most gamers complained due to their lack of purity. There was speed, but unnecessary elements were thrown in for reasons unbeknownst to everyone.

Well, Sonic Colors looks to remedy that. The Wii version of the game brings back all the high-speed action of Sonic Unleashed without the slow-paced Werehog levels. And the DS iteration of the game features Sonic in all his old-school glory. That’s right, sidescrolling, loop-de-loops, and speed. Both of these titles play differently, so it’s safe to say you can get both games and expect something different on the Wii and DS.

I’ll be picking up my copy of Sonic Colors for the Wii first thing tomorrow morning at my local GameStop. (I’ll also be picking up that sweet Sonic hat!) Who else is excited about this game? Will you be picking up Sonic’s latest outing tomorrow? What do you expect from the title from a gameplay standpoint? More excited about this game than you were about Sonic 4?

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