Looking Ahead: Metroid: Other M

It’s almost here, folks! Metroid: Other M is nearing its release, and soon we’ll all be playing Samus Aran’s latest adventure. Set for launch on August 31, Metroid: Other M looks to be a cinematic action game that blends genres and delves deep into the sexy bounty hunter’s past. With such a focus on storytelling, what can we expect from Metroid: Other M?

In the past, Metroid games have never really been about narrative. There’s always an underlying plot, but Metroid isn’t the most story driven franchise out there. With the Metroid Prime games, players had to scan their surroundings to discover bits of story and slowly piece together the game’s plot. And while that was a really cool storytelling method, it was completely optional. Metroid: Other M looks to derive from its predecessors by featuring dramatic cut scenes full of voice acting and character development. This is definitely a change for the series, but something that many gamers are actually excited for. And it’s going to be interesting playing a Metroid game with such a major focus on story.

Another aspect gamers are excited about is the combination of gameplay styles that will be featured in the game. This is the first Metroid game to feature Samus in a 3D third-person perspective, but there’s also a good deal of side-scrolling and even some first-person shooting to do. And if the demo at this year’s E3 was any indication, everything in the game is likely to feel natural. In other words, everything should flow smoothly despite the different gameplay styles in the game.

I’m eagerly anticipating the game’s launch as I’m sure many of you are. Just what can we expect from Metroid: Other M when it launches in a few days? How long-lasting will the game be? What mysteries regarding Samus Aran’s past will we learn? Looks like we’ll find out on August 31!

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