Kirby’s Epic Yarn Review.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a game for old and new fans alike. As far as the story goes, it could have been much more detail oriented. While walking through Dream Land, Kirby spots what seems to be an odd-looking tomato and decides to eat it. However, the tomato, revealed to be a “Metamato”, belonged to an evil wizard named Yin-Yarn who becomes angry at Kirby and sucks him into the magic sock around his waist. Kirby ends up in Patch Land, where everything, including himself, is made of yarn, making his normal powers useless, as inhaling anything would simply make air pass through his body. Kirby saves a young prince named Fluff from an enemy using the Metamato’s powers to transform. Fluff explains that Yin-Yarn has separated the various patches that make up Patch Land. Needing to find the seven pieces of magic yarn that tie the patches together, Kirby, being the pure creature that he is, decides to help Fluff restore Patch Land and defeat Yin-Yarn.  As many may know, the story in a Kirby game is usually short and simple. And that’s perfectly fine, as this game has a ton of things going for it. One thing I cannot wait any longer to talk about is how amazing this game looks. I believe this is one the best looking games on the Wii to date. Every level is filled with detail and variety. The way everything moves and reacts (the environment and enemies alike), is visual eye candy. Now gameplay wise, the controls are simple, and work well. Although at times can be a bit slow. I found this game to be quite easy. I never lost once. I honestly am not sure if you can even lose on a level as far as I know. But despite the easy difficulty, I still had a blast playing this game. The soundtrack for the game is what one would expect from a Kirby game. It’s upbeat and catchy. There are many new tunes that you will probably get addicted to in no time. Also, each level’s sound design really gets you into it. I won’t say too much, as to not reveal anything, but there will be a good amount of familiar songs remade. Last but most certainly not least, as with all games in the series, there is a massive amount of things to collect. All of you people out there who love to 100% games for the challenge will feel right at home. The fact that you can take all that you’ve collected, and make many different kinds of rooms with it all, is really fun. I’ve experimented, and it gets fairly deep for a game extra. And of course, you can post pictures of your room on the Wii message board. All things considered, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a fun way to spend time with your Wii. (Or a friend, playing co-op)

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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