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Yoshio Sakamoto has certainly been a busy speaker these past few days.  The producer of Metroid: Other M talked in front of many about Team Ninja’s upcoming Metroid game at this year’s GDC.  Shortly after, he answered some in-depth questions in an interview with Joystiq.  And now Mr. Sakamoto has even addressed the fabled Kid Icarus Wii title in an interview with Kotaku.

Sakamoto worked on the NES Kid Icarus title, and when asked whether or not the franchise would see a revival on the Wii, the man behind Other M said, “I don’t know personally about any project underway regarding Kid Icarus.”  Sakamoto stated that if gamers wanted to see a sequel for Kid Icarus on the Wii, they should definitely let themselves be heard by Nintendo.

“If we can find some sort of way to bring it to the Wii; a way to make the game for the Wii that makes sense, we would happily do so,” stated Sakamoto.  Now it’s time to ask the question: just how can Nintendo make Kid Icarus work on the Wii?  Do fans want another side-scrolling outing?  Would gamers rather explore a full 3D environment set in the Kid Icarus universe?  These are probably a few of the questions that the folks over at Nintendo ask themselves, and until there is a clear cut answer, it’s obvious we won’t be seeing Kid Icarus on the Wii anytime soon.

Sakamoto went on to clarify that if Nintendo does indeed go forward with plans for Kid Icarus on the Wii, it is very likely that he won’t be working on the game.  Saddening stuff here.  Hopefully Sakamoto is part of the Kid Icarus Wii team if that game ever goes into development.

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