Just Dance Tops Chart – Again

OK, this has got to be a joke, right?

Apparently not.

Just Dance has yet again peaked at the Play.com Top Sellers list. Yes, the Ubisoft product has hit No. 1 – again.

I didn’t spew hatred on the product initially. If ever, in fact. It seemed there were plenty of other critics who were busy doing so.

Personally, I found Just Dance to be a bit of a laugh. It worked for its simplicity. And yet, there were enough glitches to have a broken watch’s hands look as if they were giving you the middle finger as opposed to any telling of the time.

Just Dance came out in November 2009. By Christmas, it seemed the title was hot property and soon became hard to find.

Numerous sales assistants told me they’d just sold their last copy and were unsure when they were going to have more in stock. Some further advised me the best I could do was look online, but to beware that users on sites such as Ebay were charging the Earth for it.

Fast forward over three months later and Just Dance can still be found at the top of retail charts.

When something is this high in demand, others will naturally want to look closely at the product; Why is it that so many people are buying Just Dance?

I don’t want to go down the “people are idiots” route, as tempting as that is, not only because I have a copy myself but that we are leaning too closely to the ‘casual gamer’ demographic.

Just Dance is a success. An ongoing success. People are still buying it and I don’t understand why.

Images of Ubisoft employees rolling naked in YOUR money during lunch break come to mind*. They’re laughing. They’re laughing histerically. They’re laughing all the way to bank.

My anger felt compelled to write this article, even though it’s unlikely to change the world anymore than it’s going to change chart positions in the Play.com Top Sellers chart.

There’s no beating Ubisoft. There’s no beating the consumers of Just Dance. The fact that I own a copy uppercuts any argument I could provide.

You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to call Gary Brolsma. He’s the internet celebrity famed for that Numa Numa video that somehow found its way on the Internet like a hundred billion years ago.

I’m going to call him and suggest he stars in a spinoff video game called Just Numa Numa. All you have to do is hold the Wii Remote in your right hand and then time your repeated arm raises and occasional salute to the music!

We could have a score at the top left corner and in the center we could have an indicator to inform players of how well their timing is. The score tallying might be completely needless and the motion detection might not be great but who cares? Who cares? Nobody, that’s who.

Expect this spinoff title to hit the shops anytime this year… But only if the world has gone completely mad and I’m earning at least 50 percent of the profits.

*Not that they do that…

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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