GamerSyndrome at E3 2010: Nintendo Press Event – Part 5

Nintendo ended their big press event at the Nokia Theatre this past Tuesday morning with a big 3DS speech.  Reggie Fils-Aime made some comical constructive criticism toward 3D glasses before moving on to the juicy details surrounding the 3DS.

Featuring a similar look to the current DS model, the 3DS will also feature a slide pad, which is basically a nub analog stick.  Players will also be able to adjust the 3D effect of the games or simply switch it off if they so choose.  The next-gen handheld will have built-in motion sensors and gyro sensors, so some tilt-based games can definitely be expected.

In terms of visuals, the 3DS will feature improved graphics over its predecessor.  The handheld will be backward compatible with DS games, and it will feature two camera lenses.  Gamers can take pictures in both standard mode and by utilizing the 3D technology of the 3DS.

Following the spec part of the 3DS presentation, a little something formerly known as Project Sora was brought to the attention of the LA crowd, and it was revealed that said project was in actuality a Kid Icarus game.  (Oh, Nintendo, how you like to fool us sometimes!)  Previously, it seemed as though a Kid Icarus game was but a thing of hope.  Now, that hope has become a reality, and Kid Icarus: Uprising will indeed appear on the 3DS.

Before wrapping things up, several titles were announced, many of which resulted in a loud pop from the crowd.  THQ, Hudson, EA, Sega, Marvelous Entertainment, and Square Enix were just a handful of the developers mentioned to show interest in the 3DS.  And titles ranging from Nintendogs + Cats to a new Metal Gear Solid were announced as future 3DS releases.

It’s going to be interesting to see what occurs after E3 is over and done with.  Nintendo definitely seems to have redeemed itself from previous lackluster press events at E3.  With a strong lineup of titles and a new handheld on the horizon, there’s no telling how Nintendo will push the boundaries of gaming next.

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