Final Fantasy: XIII – Plenty of Deleted Content?


According to a recent interview in Famitsu where journalists sat down with XIII’s art director: Isamu Kamikokuryou, it was revealed that the latest installment in the fantasy series was deprived of its original content, so much so, that Kamikokuryou had this to say: ” There was enough content removed to make another full game”. Further, the reasons for the removal of the content consists of “game volume”, and a “sense of belonging” to the story. On the other hand, all of the now deleted content seemed to be running perfectly fine on the Playstation 3 version of the game. Comparatively, it could be that the full potential of Final Fantasy: XIII was withheld due to the fact that Square wanted the game to fit onto a certain amount of disks for the 360, and thus limited the content. If that were not enough, it is quite possible that the worst case scenario has come true for PS3 owners, as they have to suffer the loss as well. Hopefully, the fillers can come back in a form of downloadable content, but to have waited for what seemed like eternity for a new Final Fantasy title, this is clearly disappointing for any fan of the franchise.

Elements we know that suffered the removal:

  • A small portion of the deleted content consists of an area outside of Lightning’s house; a park. What other FF games have had parks crucial to the storyline? R: FF:VII
  • An item shop housing a secret base for Team Nora: Not only was there an item shop, but there was a base inside it as well? Maybe this would have helped solve some of the highly criticized “linearity” of the game, instead of some electronic online shop menu. It sounds extremely relevant to have rebels house a secret base in a not so evident location as well.
  • The last known piece of the deleted content was a zoo at the Nautilus Amusement Park, as to the reasons why the amusement park itself was not scrapped… I have no idea! But they should have kept the Zoo anyway, it is warranted with the amazing visuals this game has to offer, I wouldn’t have any quips seeing some of the fictive creatures on display, in HD. It could have brought something new to the series, put Square ahead of the game in the RPG genre, simply by adding a virtual safari.

Briefly, we don’t know about everything that was given the axe. However, why do the ulterior if the developers were so hard at work on it, and the content being able to compose a full new game?

Just add a few more inches to the X360 box, and with Blank DVDs being so cheap these days, there are no excuses.

What are some of your thoughts GS community?

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  1. i think i would have loved ot see some of the animals in their own little habitats. it stinks that we playstation fans have to suffer becuase the 360 final fantasy should have stuck with being a playstation exclusive.

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