Final Fantasy: XIII – Collector’s Edition Confirmed at GameStop Italia – SWEET

Final Fantasy: XIII – Collector’s Edition Confirmed at GameStop Italia – SWEET


GameStop Italia had the pleasure of generating a Collector’s Edition for… Final Fantasy: XIII just a few moments ago!!

Final Fantasy: XIII CE BUNDLE

For around 10Euros more, you can get a bundle consisting of the following:

-The Original Soundtrack

-An Art Book

-Prologue Novel (Episode Zero Localized)

– A Manga Book

-The Collector’s Illustration Piece

Considering it is only € 79,99, instead of the regular version’s € 69,99 pricetag, our friends should do what the Romans do, when in Rome.

There are no regional restriction on the Blu-Ray games, as for the text in the books being localized, you better brush up on your Italian.

Hopefully this will be implemented at all GameStops and EB games worldwide, but for now, one can hope.

On a similar note, Gamestop Canada is offering a bonus book with the purchase of the regular version of the game, no where near the magnitude of this bargain though.

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