GamerSyndrome at E3 2010: Nintendo Press Event – Part 4

Nintendo’s press conference at the Nokia Theatre was nowhere near done after the announcements regarding Epic Mickey and Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  Soon after the details on these games, the LA audience was treated to a Metroid: Other M trailer, and the August 31 launch was repeated, so as to appease those who wondered whether another delay was on its way.

Then Retro Studios was mentioned, and a new game was announced: Donkey Kong Country Returns.  The trailer showed some nice cinematic footage as well as gameplay that resembled the classic Super Nintendo Donkey Kong titles.  Needless to say the audience let out a positive reaction for this one.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is slated for a release this holiday season, and it definitely looks like it caters to fans of the original Donkey Kong Country games.  But Nintendo didn’t stop there.  Join is here on GamerSyndrome as we recap the big announcement that closed the show.

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