GamerSyndrome at E3 2010: Nintendo Press Event – Part 3

Zelda, Mario, and GoldenEye.  Just when you think it can’t get any better, Nintendo reveals info on a number of other intriguing titles.  Disney Epic Mickey has been discussed before, but never in this amount of detail.  Gamers will use paint and paint thinner to both cover and uncover different things in each of the game’s levels.  The crowd in the Nokia Theatre was told that they could choose how to play and have Mickey be a hero or be a mischievous little mouse.
It was interesting to see the dark use of color in the game.  But even more interesting were the throwbacks to Disney’s history.  Themes from the Swiss Family Robinson and Steamboat Willie are just two of the pieces of Disney’s past that Epic Mickey will delve into.

In addition to the game’s 3D levels, gamers will also be able to play through side-scrolling platform stages, and these seem to be filled to the brim with old-school platforming goodness.  It will definitely be interesting to see just how the game turns out when it launches later this year.

But Epic Mickey isn’t the only epic thing going around.  Much to the surprise of many, a new Kirby title was announced: Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  Featuring bright, colorful graphics, Kirby’s Epic Yarn sports a look reminiscent of Yoshi’s Story (on steroids).  The trailer showcased at E3 showed Kirby using bits of yarn to whip enemies, and his famous transformation ability was definitely present.  Kirby’s Epic Yarn may or may not be the cancelled Kirby title originally planned for the GameCube, but one thing is certain: it looks like a great direction for the series.
With all this talk about epic games, it’s hard to leave out the genre that many feel defines the word epic: the RPG.  Dragon Quest IV: Sentinels of the Starry Skies was featured, and a July 11 date was given.  So RPG fans, ready your wallets, because the latest in the Dragon Quest series is right around the corner!

We’re not done with Nintendo’s E3 press conference.  Join us back here on GamerSyndrome as we take a look at Metroid: Other M and the return of a famous ape!

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