GamerSyndrome at E3 2010: Nintendo Press Event – Part 1

GamerSyndrome at E3 2010: Nintendo Press Event – Part 1

Nintendo has had a rough couple of E3s these past few years.  Lackluster announcements, one too many party games, and a lot of tomfoolery have all contributed to what many people consider an annual flop on Nintendo’s part.  This year, it seems as though Nintendo have learned from their mistakes.  And while their press event wasn’t perfect, there were a myriad of shocking announcements, surprising reveals, and interesting bits of information.

Reggie Fils-Aime came out to an applauding crowd.  He got the basics out of the way, and he said that he would be moving on to a game that everyone wants to know more about.  That’s when Link appeared onscreen.

Details were given on the upcoming Zelda game, now officially The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and a lot of in-game footage was shown to the audience in the Nokia Theatre.  Sporting smooth, colorful graphics, Skyward Sword doesn’t seem as dark as some of the earlier Zelda games.  But colorful visuals or not, we all know that Zelda titles usually contain some brooding tale of despair, and it’ll be interesting to see a blend of bright graphics and dark storytelling.

Unfortunately, Shigeru Miyamoto couldn’t quite show off the benefits of Wii MotionPlus, and a “wireless interference” prevented key weapons such as the crossbow and sword to work properly.  Still, Nintendo promises that gamers will no longer flick their wrists to get a nice swing going.  No, now you’ll have to swing the Wii Remote in the direction you want Link to swing.  So if you want him to slash horizontally or vertically, you’re going to have to do just that with the Wii Remote.

Link can also deflect projectiles using his shield, and you can bet you’ll have to do some motions of your own with the Nunchuk.  It looks like it’ll be a cool new addition to the control scheme.  It’s just a shame Shiggy couldn’t really do it all that well.  In addition to this, he’ll also sport a whip, which can be used through motion controls, and a beetle which flies around and can collect items for Link.  If that isn’t new enough for you, Link can now roll bombs like a bowling ball and get them to blow up hard to reach confines.
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All in all, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword wasn’t represented to its full potential on the show floor.  But the cinematic trailer looks great, and it looked good when it was being demoed at Nintendo’s booth.  Check back tomorrow, when we get some hands-on time with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

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