Demon’s Souls Strategy Guide: The Bosses of the Stonefang Tunnels

Demon’s Souls is the type of game that mercilessly tears you to shreds your first playthrough than kicks you while you’re down.  It’s also beautiful, original, and incredibly innovative, so in my experience people either love it or they hate it.  At first I was a member of the former group, but after investing a over fifty hours spread across three character classes, I’ve obviously become quite fond of the game.  The best way to describe playing Demon’s Souls is to compare it to being in a relationship with the person of your dreams, however; said person of your dreams is abusive, and tends to kick your unsuspecting ass from time to time before giving you a kiss and helping you back up.

So I’m here, dear reader, to help you get through this relationship and the abuse it brings with it so you can better enjoy this amazing game.  Demon’s Souls’ world is extraordinarily deep, so that means you’ll probably miss a lot of what the game has to offer your first time around.  The following series of strategy guides, much like my previous five that covered each individual world, will focus on a specific feature or area in the game.  Warning, there will be spoilers.  Before we begin I should probably throw out a quick warning to newcomers to the land of Boletaria: this game’s unforgiving nature might sometime make you feel the urge to violently toss your controller at a nearby wall, but I promise this guide will reduce the number of broken controllers to a minimum.  Also, the following isn’t necessarily a walkthrough, more a collection of words of wisdom, tips, and facts that could quite possibly save you from tossing your PS3 out a window.

Part One: The Bosses of the Stonefang Tunnels

Armor Spider: Arachnophobic people should just step away from the game now because this is a giant fireball tossing spider that could make the bosses out of Shadow of the Colossus crap themselves.  If you have the Purple Flame Shield, Ring of Flame Resistance, or anything to boost your fire resistance I suggest you equip it now and just keep it equipped for the duration of the Stonefang Tunnels.  Now don’t let this boss intimidate you because he can actually be slain quite easily from afar without taking really any damage.  Just equip a bow, and move to the left against the wall as soon as you walk through the fog.  From there the spider boss can’t hit you with its fire attacks so all you have to worry about is the occasional shot of webs from its stinger, and those do next to no damage.  If you’re more brave than I and want more of a one on one brawl than you should have a quick weapon and a lightly equipped character, so you can dodge its attacks and follow up with a few of your own.

Flamelurker: This is one of the tougher fights in the game unless you have a high defense (and an particularly strong fire resistance) and a powerful magically enhanced weapon.  If you have some Sticky White Stuff (insert perv joke here) or an abundance of moon/darkmoonstone to use on a weapon.  Fighting this guy face to face can be difficult and when you first walk into the room you’ll notice some cracks in the floor glowing with lava.  This lava can damage you so keep your surroundings in mind while you’re fighting him.  It’s also important to note that when his health drops to about a third the flames surrounding him will become more intense.  The best melee strategy is to have a large weapon like the Meat Cleaver which when struck will make him stumble.  Just smack him until your stamina runs out, jog around to regain it and repeat.

Dragon God: Probably the most intimidating boss in the game because of his size and the fact that he’s a giant dragon that won’t hesitate to punch through walls with his giant dragony fists.  Not until the end do you actually attack him directly, instead the goal is to fire the Ballistas impaling him to the walls.  To reach said Ballistas you’ll need to bust through he rubble blocking your path.  If you have pure white world tendency you’ll be given access to the Dragon Bone smasher, a giant dull sword that can break through the rubble in one hit.  This sword also makes you look like a total badass.  Once you’ve hit both the Ballistas you’ll be able to enter the center stage where his head lies so you can finish him off by attacking his chin horn.  Just watch out for his fiery breath and you should be able to take him out pretty fast.

So that’s all you need to know when fighting the bosses of the Stonefang Tunnels.  Next I’ll cover the bosses waiting to take you out in the Tower of Latria and in case you missed it and are having trouble check out my guide covering the bosses in the Boletarian Palace.  If you’re having a specific problem with the game I might’ve covered it in my previous series, but if not just drop me a line at iicedesigner at yahoo dot com and I’ll cover it in a strategy guide.

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