Darksiders – a brief glimpse

Darksiders: The Wrath of War

If you ever needed any convincing that war leads to the end of the world, look no further.

Yes, the developers at Vigil Games bring you an epic tale that revolves around The Book of Revelations, most notably its stories about the Apocalypse, and the Battle of Armageddon. Basically, Heaven and Hell are at each other’s throats, inevitably, this leads to the gruesome end of mankind. Hence, you take on the role of one of the four apocalyptic horsemen called War. Further, War is sent to earth to rectify the rocky situation amidst both realms of the afterlife by his superiors-The Charred Council. To pursue this further, The Charred Council consists of a mediator group bent on preserving the balance between the Angels and Demons. (Could their headquarters lie in purgatory?)

Nevertheless, upon reaching the Earth-that has seen better days, War is wondering where his 3 other comrades are whilst being confronted by Abbadon (the general of Heaven’s army). Subsequently, with War bearing witness, Abbadon is later disseminated at the hands of Straga (one of Hell’s finest warriors chosen by the Destroyers; Hell’s leaders of destruction). In an attempt to extract retribution, War duels with Straga only to perish as well, his spirit is then sent back to The Charred Council. Afterwards, War is tried in front of the council, and is deemed guilty of bringing the apocalypse too early. Thus, War is sentenced to permanent death, however, he pleads to be sent back to Earth in an effort to find the one who sparked the showdown amongst Heaven and Hell. Accordingly, the council then changes their initial approach and decides to let War do the investigation, conditionally of course, he is to be shackled to a spectre who has the capacity to exterminate him for good if he decides to stray away from the quest at hand. (That’s always fun!)

"I kill you"

Ergo, War is thus sent back to Earth, significantly weaker, since being reborn, and realizes a century has passed since the “Final Battle”. What happens next? Well it’s up to you to continue turning the pages to this enticing story.



Filled with mind blowing action, and many puzzles to solve, one may consider this game a hybrid of Devil May Cry, God of War, and The Legend of Zelda. In that sense, the gameplay boils down to this: you’ve  got dungeons that may take some thinking to complete due to the fun puzzles they retain, if you somehow get lost, no worries, you’ll find a map to guide you along the way. Don’t forget the frame-scaling bosses of immense proportions you will have to battle, luckily, you have a variety of swords, guns, and combat combos to help get you through any tough scenario with a bit of strategic pondering.

"The Steed"

If that were not enough, skill acquisition, or should I say skill reprisal, is very satisfying in itself, since well, you were stripped of your power after originally failing victim to an exasperating foe. In that way, you will need to fill up a “belligerent meter” which stocks up on the hostility War is feeling to make his previous skills unlockable. Last, but certainly not least, his horse may not be Epona, but it plays a vital role in the story, and makes for some good transportation. It also helps when you get to practice the goodies out in the free roam environment above ground, since the dungeons underground are where you’ll need to be efficient.

Preemptive Verdict

So far, this game is very fun, I advise anyone looking for a great action/adventure game to pick it up, and have a blast. Just don’t play it with  children under the age of 17, it might give them nightmares, or worse… They may have a sudden urge to debate religion.

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