More Cave Story Goodness on the Horizon?

It seems Daisuke Amaya (better known as Pixel) has been in talks with Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis, the publisher that was in charge of bringing Cave Story to WiiWare. Earlier today, Destructoid reported that Rodriguez has been in talks with Pixel about bringing more Cave Story goodness to consoles everywhere.

One of the topics discussed was bringing Cave Story to more consoles, which would be great in terms of exposure. Cave Story is easily one of the greatest indie games ever crafted, and for it to gain recognition on XBLA and PSN in addition to the WiiWare version would be great. Rodriguez also brought up the more obscure Cave Story Beta, and mentioned that bringing this different iteration of Cave Story is something of interest to him and Pixel. There were also talks about making some fixes to the current version of Cave Story on WiiWare (maybe fixing the modernized soundtrack?) and bringing more Pixel games to consoles. If that last fact is true, then I really want to see Ikachan as a downloadable title.

All of this news is certain to bring joy to many indie gamers as well as fans of Studio Pixel’s Cave Story. For full details, check out

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