Cave Story Headed to DSiWare and Europe

When an infamous indie game manages to stay in the news for so long, you know it’s a big deal. Released in 2004 as a freeware title, Studio Pixel’s Cave Story made its way to WiiWare earlier this year. Just two days ago, we reported that the game’s creator, Pixel, was in talks with publisher Nicalis (who was behind the WiiWare version of the game), and that plans of bringing more Cave Story goodness weren’t too far-fetched.

Well, we now have a bit more Cave Story news for ya! It appears that the much talked about DSiWare version of the game is starting to near completion. According to Nicalis, the game is all set and is currently being tested for bugs or what have you. One of the notable additions to the downloadable DSiWare iteration of Cave Story is the integration of the handheld’s touch screen, which will display a map of the area as well as main character Quote’s inventory.

If you’ve never played Cave Story and don’t feel like downloading it to your PC or Wii (shame on you!) then you should definitely be on the lookout for the DSiWare version. Cave Story is arguably one of the greatest indie games ever created, and it has been considered by many to be a very important title in gaming. If you already own it, tell your friends about it. If you don’t, then save up some DSi Points for this one.

Something else worth noting for all of our European readers out there is that the WiiWare version of the game will launch in PAL regions soon! So if you’ve been watching out for this one, be prepared, because Cave Story on WiiWare will drop in Europe. Though no date has been specified, Nicalis has yet to ditch this port, so stay tuned for future updates.

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