Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Zephyr Substation Part 2

Braking Wind

This mission is incredibly straightforward. So much so, that there isn’t much guidance I can give you. The three windmills that you need to activate are all in the immediate area. If you’re doing this all in one playthrough, you should have already killed everyone and you’ll face no opposition. Just switch on all of the windmills to complete the quest. If you’ve restarted since the last part of my guide and the enemies have respawned, it’s up to you how you want to proceed. The safe way would be to take everyone like before. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about a mystery attacker shooting you in the back, not to mention the big chunk of XP you’d gain from taking all of them out again.

However, if you’re impatient and just want to complete the mission without killing everyone, it’s not impossible. Look at your map and get a good idea of where the windmills are, then hop in a runner and run over anything that gets in your way. After you high tail it out of there, rest and get your energy back before attempting the next part.

The Last Journal

You should have four of the journals from Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands. Hop in your runner and drive back towards the main road, but hang a left right before the road. Be sure to set the journal quest as your active quest and it should be a fairly straight shot to its location. You’ll face a lot of opposition here. The area is full of bandits and you’ll also be attacked by a swarm of rakks. These guys are tougher than the ones you faced during Get the Flock Outta Here and can destroy your runner if you don’t take them out quickly. If you end up having to bail, which is likely, you can take cover behind a boulder to the south. Here you can reload and rest before jumping back into action. Once everything is dead and gone, you’ll find the journal between three metal barrels.

If you lost your ride, head south and you’ll find a Catch-a-Ride station right outside the entrance to Headstone Mine, where you’ll be going soon enough. Head back to Shep and the Fyrestone bounty board to turn in these quests.

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