Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Zephyr Substation Part 1

Before you head to the Zephyr Substation, we’re going to grab another journal. Head back to the gate that you had to open from behind. Up a nearby ramp you’ll find the third journal.

The Zephyr Substation is where you’ll complete the quests Get The Flock Outta Here and Braking Wind. There’s also a journal for Hidden Journals: The Arid Badlands and you’ll be able to advance the quest Sledge: The Mine Key.

Get the Flock Outta Here

The first quest you’ll be knocking out is Get the Flock Outta Here. Head south from Shep’s location, but where the road turns right, take a left instead and go off-road. Another way to put it is take a left right after Piss Wash Gully. Hug the left wall and keep driving and you’ll eventually come to the rakk nest. As you approach it, you’ll start to get attacked by rakks. Don’t leave your vehicle, just drive back and forth. The rakks will all divebomb you, and your vehicle will take some damage, but after a while all of the rakks should be stuck in your grill and you should be done with the quest.

Sledge: The Mine Key

Set the Sledge quest as your active one and head towards the waypoint in your runner. The area is loaded with bandits, so stay in your runner for now and either blow them up with rockets or mow them down with machine gun fire, depending on what your runner is equipped with. If they get close enough, remember that you can always run them down as well.

When you leave the runner, more bandits will attack you, but they should be easy enough to fight off if you took out the first wave already. Before you go into the center building where the quest points you to, make sure the roof is clear. If they’re still alive up there when you enter the building, they’ll shoot you through the hole in the roof. If you can’t get a good shot at them, blow up the propane tank to get their attention.

Enter the building and grab the note on the desk to get the new quest, Sledge: To the Safe House.

Head back outside and climb on top of the roof; it isn’t difficult. Up there you’ll find a red chest and the fourth journal in the incinerator.

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