Borderlands Strategy Guide – Sledge: To The Safe House Part 1

Previously on my Borderlands Strategy Guide…

You just collected all of the parts for Scavenger: Sniper Rifle. Now it’s onto Sledge’s safe House.

From the area where you gathered the sniper rifle parts, head northeast to find Sledge’s safe house. You really can’t miss it, it’s the only other path you can take aside from going back out the entrance. Before going into the actual safe house, climb up to the roof to find a red chest full of goodies.

The layout of the safe house is a bit different than what you’ve traversed so far. While other areas have been incredibly open ended, the safe house is more or less a maze of tight corridors. You’ll have to adapt, but I believe in you! Use a lot of cover, throw a lot of grenades around corners and through doorways, and when necessary, fall back and let the enemies come to you. Keep an eye out for barrels full of corrosive acid, not just to avoid harm, but also so that you can exploit them. It’s harder to steer clear of area damage when you’re in a confined space, so use this to your advantage.

Here’s a helpful little tip: chain-link fences do not make for good cover. In fact, they don’t make for any sort of cover. That may have worked in other games, but in Borderlands, bullets will whiz right through them.

At one point in the safe house, shortly after climbing up a ramp of rubble to reach the next floor, you’ll find a wounded Claptrap next to a red chest. I’ve strongly recommended completing all of the optional missions in Borderlands, and the Claptrap missions are no exception. In addition to gaining XP, you’ll also get storage deck upgrades, and a bigger inventory is great for a variety of reasons.

To get the repair kit needed for the mission, head back the way you came. You’ll find the kit in a room to the south of the rubble ramp, up on top of a ventilation shaft. If you tend to explore, there’s a good chance you spotted this on your first way through, but didn’t think anything of it because it wasn’t glowing green at the time.

After you repair the Claptrap, the rewards don’t end there! Once repaired, the helpful hunk of machinery will unlock a previously closed door and reveal another red chest for the pillaging.

Stock up, because it just gets tougher from here.

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