Borderlands Strategy Guide – Sledge: Battle for the Badlands Part 3

It’s time to kill Sledge and free the badlands once and for all. At least until the next crime lord moves in.

Sledge has too weapons: a powerful shotgun and an even more powerful hammer. What this means is that if you get too close, you can kiss your butt goodbye. If you keep your distance, you’ll last much, much longer. The hammer sends out shockwaves, but you should be able to stay from enough away to not be damaged by them. As for his shotgun, you’ll still take the hit, but the further away the less damage it will do.

If you have an electrified weapon, use it to wear down his shield. It shouldn’t refill. Once it’s gone, switch to something without elemental properties, as Sledge is practically immune to all of them. Revolvers and combat rifles are best, because they can dish out decent damage at long range. While you don’t want to get close enough to use a shotgun on him, you should keep one handy because his minions will appear from time to time. If you see someone, take them out as quickly as you can. You don’t want Sledge to sneak up on you while you’re battling it out with one of his underlings.

If you have transmuation grenades, they can come really help keep you alive. Don’t count on grenades to do much damage to Sledge, though. The only way to take him down is with constant, steady fire. Obviously you want to unleash whatever action skill you have on him, but if you’re a berserker or siren, make sure you can get the hell out of there before he starts swinging.

Eventually, Sledge will fall, and you will be a hero. You’ll also get his shotgun, which is ideal for pointblank encounters. In a silver chest near his throne you’ll find an Eridian Artifact. When you grab it, a side door will open that lets you take the short route out. From them, the entrance is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Return to Zed to claim your XP and prizes!

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