Borderlands Strategy Guide – Sledge: Battle for the Badlands Part 2

My last guide left off at the turret in the Headstone Mine. If you can’t take it out from afar with either a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher, you have no choice but to go in close. Run down the stairs and stick to the west wall. Be careful moving between cover, as that turret can tear you to shreds. Also be on the lookout for any newly spawned enemies.

Once you get close to the platform that the turret is on, run up the ramp towards it but stop at the point where the railing blocks the turret fire. From right here, the gunner can do nothing but pointless shoot the railing while you can take your time and get a clear shot at his noggin.

Once he’s dead, the real fun begins. Hop in the turret and take out any foes remaining in the area below.

After you leave the turret, head south until you get to a fork. The right path will lead you to Sledge, while the left will lead you to a group of bandits and a few chests. It’s up to you where you want to go, but loot is always good. To your right, you’ll encounter more enemies snipers and close-combat psychos. This is going to be another area where you want to rapidly switch between long range and short range weapons. As the area gets wider, you’ll deal with more enemies at once. Always be on the lookout for good sniping spots, as they can really turn the tide of battle.

The three story building just before the elevated train tracks will give you a great vantage point over all of the enemies in the rail yard. The bandits will be pretty bunched up, so if you have a rocket launcher, now is the time to use it.

You may want to take the high ground, but avoid the elevated tracks and stick to the ground as you progress further. You’ll encounter one last group of bandits outside of a building at the end of the area. After you kill them, go inside to find a red chest and an elevator that will take you up to a New-U pole, some vending machines, and the battle with Sledge.

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