Borderlands Strategy Guide – Skag Gully Part 3

By the Seeds of Your Pants is the final mission in Skag Gully and also the most difficult. Rest assured, however, that once you’re done with this, you can leave this horrible place and never return.

Make sure to set By the Seeds of Your Pants as your active quest, as there are a total of eight bladeflower seeds and your compass will lead you to each one. These skags are tough cookies. Equip a long rang weapon, preferably a sniper rifle, to get the jump on distant creatures. Put a short range weapon on your D-Pad as well, preferably a shotgun, for when you’re eventually rushed.

This section is fairly straightforward, just realize what you’re getting into. These skags are a lot tougher than the ones you’ve faced before and there’s going to be a lot of them, so make sure you’re prepared.

The third bladeflower seed is on a ledge that can’t be climbed, so you’ll have to go north, up the opposite ledge, and jump back. It looks difficult, but it’s an easy jump. After that seed, you’ll come out on a high ledge overlooking a valley below. That valley has quite a bit of skag inhabitants, including a level 10 Badass Skag that could cause you quite a bit of trouble. Be sure to stay on the ledge as you snipe, because once you fall down, you can’t get back up. Stay up there until you’ve killed everything that you can from your vantage point.

The fifth bladeflower seed gives you another good sniping spot, though not nearly as good as the previous. Once you open fire, you’ll be attacked from the west, so if you’re a soldier, you can have a turret guard your flank. If you’re a siren, Phasewalk past everyone and find a better sniping position further west.

Once you get to the caves, switch to your close range weapon, as it’s pretty much just going to be close quarters combat from here on out. Be sure to explore once you’re in there, because along with the three remaining seeds, there’s also two red chests.

Once you grab the last seed, you can leap out of the caves and just run back the way you came. Turn your quests in to T.K. Baha and the Fyrestone Bounty Board.

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