Borderlands Strategy Guide: Skag Gully Part 2

The last guide left off with you, the vault hunter, picking up the third recorder in the Why Are They Here quest. After grabbing the recorder, don’t go back the way you came. Instead, take a left. In the distance, you might be able to see Scar, the target you’re after for T.K.’s Life and Limb. Scar is the massive skag that took T.K. Baha’s leg and then, later, his prosthetic leg.

Head towards your objective but stick very closely to the right wall. You should eventually climb up on a tiny ridge overlooking the summit. From there, use a long range weapon to open fire on the boss skag. A sniper rifle is ideal, of course, but anything that can hit him will work. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to finish him off without him ever discovering where you are. If you do happen to fight him in close quarters, be sure to keep your distance. He has two attacks. One is a charge; if he does this, back away, fast! After he stops, strafe around him to avoid his second attack, his breath attack. Trust me, you don’t want a face full of skag breath. Most importantly, Scar regenerates health, so open fire and never stop until he’s dead.

If you managed to kill Scar from afar (hey, I’m a poet), don’t drop your guard, as you’re not in the clear yet. As you go to pick up T.K.’s leg and the assortment of loot that was dropped, you’ll face plenty of normal skags, many on the same summit where the boss was. It’s nothing you haven’t faced before, but it still shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take your time and pick off as many as you can from far away, preferably from the same ridge you killed Scar from.

Be sure to empty out the red chest on top of the summit as well as everything else. After the area’s cleared of loot and enemies, head down the ramp straight across from the direction in which you came and take a right.

In the next guide, I’ll walk you through By the Seeds of Your Pants.

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