Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Arid Badlands: Nine Toes Part 3

Nine-Toes: Take Him Down (Continued)

Nine-Toes is a challenge, not to mention his two pet skags, so don’t take them on until you’re at least level five. If you’re too low, or if you find yourself losing too often, head back out into the gully and level up. As soon as you drop down into his lair, open fire with a mid-to-long range weapon. You should be able to get a few shots in before he really charges into battle. Once it starts, hit him with everything you’ve got. It’s much easier to take him down first before taking down his pets. If you’re playing as Lilith, wait until his skags come into play, and then Phasewalk behind Nine-Toes and open fire on the back of his head.

Once Nine-Toes is dead, it’s time to take out Pinky and Digit, his two skags. Digit is heavily armored, so save your grenades for him. Pinky has more health points, but shooting her in the head will cause her to roar, which leaves her wide open for a critical shot in the mouth. If you’re having trouble avoiding their attacks, start climbing the sides of the arena. You won’t outrun them entirely, but you can keep a good distance between you and them.

Once everyone and everything, excluding you, is dead, collect all the loot, of which there is a lot. Nine-Toes will always drop his personal repeater. The “Don’t drop it…might lost a toe” line means that the weapon has a big melee damage bonus. Make sure you loot all the chests in the area Nine-Toes came from, especially the red one. After you gather everything up, turn the quest into T.K. for your sweet XP reward and the last Nine-Toes quest.

Nine-Toes: Time to Collect

The best thing about T.K. Baha telling you to kill Nine-Toes is that when you return to him with news of Nine-Toe’s demise, the first thing he tells you is that he isn’t going to pay you for it. Nope, that responsibility falls to the resident medical expert, Dr. Zed. Head back to Fyrestone to talk to Dr. Zed and get your cash reward of $2,120 and an Explosive MIRV Grenade mod. This mod causes grenades to scatter other grenades when they explode, forming a big blast area. They’re a little weaker than normal grenades, so they’re not as effective against bosses, but great against large groups of enemies.

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