Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Arid Badlands: Nine Toes Part 2

Nine-Toes: Take Him Down

Now the going is getting good, as you’re heading to your first big battle. You’ll need to blow open the entrance to Skag Gully, find the weapons stashed behind T.K. Baha’s wife’s grave, and put an end to Nine-Toes. You’ll find the entrance to the gully east of T.K.’s house; you can’t miss it. Once you get the there, the explosives are all prepped and ready to blow; just hit the button.

As you surely guessed from the name of the place, you’ll find plenty of skags here. They’ll be relentless and you’ll have to kill a lot of them, but the good news is that you should hit level five in here, if you haven’t already. This will allow you to get your action skill and get some practice in before taking on Nine-Toes.

Now, the gully twists and turns, so you can’t always blindly follow your compass. Stay right as you enter the gully and you’ll come to two skag holes. After clearing the area, continue under the bridge and keep staying right, killing skags as you go, until you come to the grave. You’ll find two weapons here: one of them random, the other the Lady Finger, a repeater pistol. Even though T.K. told you to use the Lady Finger to kill Nine-Toes, it has no bearing on the game whatsoever. Take a left at the grave and you’re already at the entrance to the cave. There will be a few skags and a pair of midget psychos blocking the entrance. Hang back, and if you’re lucky, they’ll fight each other and you can pick off the survivors. If not, the mutants will charge and try to melee you, so try to pick them off before they reach you.

The cave has one singular path, so there’s no getting lost here. There will be vending machines near the entrance once you get inside. Stock up if you have to, because you’ll fight some pretty tough enemies in here, not to mention Nine-Toes himself. Don’t be afraid to use your grenades on the bandits, as you can always buy more before you get to the boss. Remember to stay in cover and use your action skill, but be sure to let it recharge before the final battle, because it’s a tough one. Once everyone in the cave is dead, replenish what needs replenishing, including your health, and get ready for your toughest battle yet.

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