Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Arid Badlands: Nine Toes Part 1

Nine Toes: Meet T.K. Baha

T.K. Baha is quite the character. He’s blind as a bat, but that doesn’t keep him from enjoying life, even if he spends his on Pandora. To find him, head past the first skag hole outside of the gates of Fyrestone, take a right, and you’ll pretty much be at his house. He’ll be outside, sitting in his chair wearing his sunglasses and his Hawaiian shirt. Walk up and talk to him to complete the mission.

Nine-Toes: T.K.’s Food

Poor T.K. is having skag trouble. The darned things have been stealing all of his food and he needs you to get it back. What’s a little skag drool?

Before you head off on this mission, be sure to search around T.K.’s house for goodies. You’ll find some stuff on his roof, which you can get to by jumping off of his cashbox or the scarecrow. You’ll also find stuff in his outhouse. Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of stuff.

To find his food, head west. The missing bits of grub aren’t hard to spot. They’ll have a green shimmer, like all collectibles, and they’ll all be located near skag holes. The first bit is pretty much a straight shot from his house, then the trail curves north. The only trouble you’ll encounter is the skags guarding it, but you’ve dealt with them before. Start picking them off from a distance, aiming for the mouth. If they get the jump on you while you’re reloading, remember that melee attacks don’t stop your reload.

Got Grenades?

Once you return the food to T.K., he’ll tell you to go back to Fyrestone to buy grenades. Marcus Kincaid, the owner of the weapon vending machines, will contact you while you’re on your way back to the town and inform you that his shop is open for business. It’s the first building on the left when you walk through the gate. He isn’t in there, but two vending machines are. One sells weapons and one sells ammunition, including grenades. Purchase some and return to T.K.

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