Borderlands Strategy Guide – New Haven Part 2

Even though your plate is already full, you may as well collect all of the new quests that just became available. Head to Pierce to get the next story mission, Seek out Tannis. Tannis is the woman whose voice journals you’ve been collecting all over Pandora. There’s another person you’ll finally get to meet. The Bounty Board now has the quests Scavenger: Submachine Gun and Hidden Journal: Rust Commons. Scooter has the quests Scooter’s Used Car Parts and Up To Our Ears. Finally, inside the building with the vending machines to meet the face behind another familiar voice: Marcus Kincaid, the merchant behind the weapon vending machines. He’ll give you the quest Firepower: All Sales are Final.

Take the stairs up the building that’s between Kincaid’s shop and Pierce’s office. From there, jump on top of the washing machine, and from there, onto the roof with the radar dish. There’s a silver chest up there. Look over the East edge of the roof and you should spot a small balcony. Down there, you can grab the repair kit for the buster Claptrap. Bring it to him and he’ll give you the usual reward of a storage deck upgrade. He’ll get understandably excited and actually punch down a wall. Be sure to follow him, as the area he reveals contains another silver chest.

It’s time to check on your old friend T.K. Baha for your new friend, Scooter. The Arid Badlands are a ways away, but remember, you have the Fast Travel Network unlocked! Let’s put that puppy to use! Head to the New-U Pole/Fast Travel station near the entrance to New Haven and warp to the Badlands, then head to T.K.’s cabin. The front door is open and a grim site awaits you inside. Fortunately, you can head out the back door to find a red chest!

Stay in the area, because it’s time to put down Mothrakk.

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