Borderlands Strategy Guide – New Haven Part 1

The first thing you should do in New Haven is go around collecting quests. Helena Pierce will give you the Power to the People mission. Head to Scooter to the right of the entrance and he’ll give you Is T.K. O.K.? Scooter is the man behind the runners, the one that you’ve been talking to all along, so it’s nice to finally meet the guy in person.

Head over to the New Haven bounty board for Like A Moth To Flame, King Tossing, and Corrosive Crystal Harvest. The other mission currently available is the Claptrap Rescue mission that you can get from the Claptrap near the bounty board, so you might as well grab that too.

In Power to the People, you need to give the people power. Not of the strength variety, but literal electrical power. The first generator is near Scooter, in his garage. After you hit that one, head West to the road out of town and you’ll find the West Gate generator outside of the main entrance. You’ll find the third generator on the town’s East side, south of the building with the Dr. Zed vending machine. The generator is sparking and two explosive barrels and a propane tank stand nearby, so when you flip that switch, run like hell.

You’ll find another generator on the roof of the building with the orange water tower. A staircase on the west side of the building should get you up there. Before you drop back down to ground level, cross the Northern plywood bridge and hop over a railing to find a silver chest. From the North edge of that roof, you should see the glow of the North Gate generator. Hop over the Eastern wall to land right next to it.

Now that you’ve done that, a whole slew of new missions are available, so clear your schedule.

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