Borderlands Strategy Guide – Like a Moth to Flame

Mothrakk can be a real pain in the neck if you don’t know the proper strategy for battling him. Believe me, I know. Make you sure you have a good sniper rifle and hop in a runner with a machine gun. Head West towards the good ol’ Zephyr Substation, then go a little past it. Make sure this is your active quest so your compass will guide you right to it.

When you get to your destination, you’ll need to light three torches to summon the creature. Hop back into your runner and try to blast it with some quick machine gun fire when it first appears. The runner won’t do you any good during the actual fight, but if you’re quick (and lucky) you can do a small chunk of damage before the real fight actually begins.

When the actual fight does begin, Mothrakk will rain fiery hell down on you. He’ll circle around overhead and spew constant fireballs down at you. This will tear you up, so hightail it for the Catch-A-Ride to the North and take cover underneath the roof. The strategy is to pop out and get a few shots off and then hide as the fireballs come down, then rinse and repeat. When Mothrakk finally dies, she’ll go out in an explosion of sweet loot. You may have to search a little to recover everything that she drops, which includes a shotgun. Give yourself a pat on the back, you just took down the baddest Rakk in the land.

Once you’ve double-checked that you’ve collected everything, head back to New Haven a proud and accomplished hunter.

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