Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Dahl Headland Part 8

It’s time to do Ghost of the Vault, which is the most rewarding quest of the lot, but also the toughest. You’ll face heavy opposition before you even get down to the excavation site in the form of Badass Bruisers and smaller bandits. Do as much damage as you can from your runner, but you’ll eventually have to fight them on foot. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, just hightail it back to the runner. Don’t be embarrassed. I won’t tell anyone you ran off with your tail between your legs. After they’re all dead, take the elevator down below the surface.

After blasting your way through a welcome party of psychos, be sure to swing by the New-U pole. Now make your way through the wide cavern and towards the explosive artifact. You’ll be met by two new foes: Guardian Spectres and Guardian Wraiths. Now, I’m sure you ain’t afraid of no ghosts, but these guys shouldn’t be taken lightly. They use blades, move quickly, and will shred you at close range. Their shields are extremely high, so shock weapons work well against them. If you don’t have a shock weapon, you should at least have a shock artifact from earlier in the game which will work for Soldiers, Berserkers, and Hunters.

Once a Guardian’s shield is down, use something more accurate and go for headshots, which will give you critical hits. The Elephant Gun you just got from Ernest can do the job. Once they’re dead, grab the explosive artifact, which is the most powerful artifact you have right now. Don’t forget to check the red chest, too

You can turn in all of your optional quests now. It’s time to take on Mad Mel, kill him, and put the Dahl Headland behind you.

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