Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Dahl Headland Part 7

The final fuel tank for Fuel Fued is Northwest of Lucky’s bar, near a Catch-A-Ride station. This one is heavily guarded, more so than the first one, with a level 21 Badass Bruiser leading a pack of bandits. Fortunately, there are no red chests or anything valuable for that matter, so there’s really no reason that you can’t just pop in, blow up the tank, and pop out. If you’re stubborn (hey, I’m not criticizing), you can always take them all on for the XP, but it may put you in an early grave. Once the tank is destroyed, not only have you completed Fuel Fued, but the Bandit Outriders are gone for good.

Now it’s time to take on Skagzilla. Find your way back to the ramshackle bridge West of Lucky’s. You’ll have to cross it, and you have to do that on foot. At the end, you’ll drop down into the beast’s lair, so there will be no turning back. Head over to the mouth of the cave and set the bait (that you obtained in part 5 of this guide) on the metal spikes. This will bring out a bunch of normal skags. After you lay waste to them, the big daddy comes running.

Skagzilla will let out a mighty roar when he appears to let you know that you’ve invaded his territory. Show him that you don’t care by using this opportunity to plant a few rounds in his open mouth, which should give you some critical hits. His attacks are powerful but easy to avoid once you understand the pattern. Avoid charges and projectiles by moving side to side. When he jumps, you jump right before he lands to avoid taking damage from his tremors. This is a good time to nail him in the face with a shotgun. Sledge’s Shotgun, in particular, works very well here.

When he shoots a white beam out of his mouth, move sideways until you’re out of his range and unload. Even if you can’t see his open mouth, you can still get critical hits.

When he’s dead, turn your quest into Ernest and you’ll get yourself a new gun.

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