Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Dahl Headland Part 6

You’re back at Lucky’s. From there, head West. Then follow the South wall to a building with a Catch-A-Ride, a New-U Pole, and a vending machine. Head inside and kill any Scythids in your way as you make your way to the building’s backyard, where another fuel tank awaits. There’s also a pile of tires that will help you up to the roof, where you’ll find a red chest.

In case you hadn’t already noticed, you’re at the Dahl racetrack, the location of the Death Race Pandora quest. Your goal for this quest is to kill 50 Scythids, as the darn bugs have infested the entire track. While this is much easier and quicker in your car, you can rack up a lot of XP by going about it on foot, and it’s still easy and relatively fast. It’s entirely your call.

Once you complete the mission, try to perform a lap around the track in under 31 seconds to the get the Speedy McSpeederton trophy/achievement. And that isn’t the only bonus you can earn here. You can also complete the challenges Airborne, This is not a flight simulator, and Orbit Achieved, by getting five seconds of airtime. Drive to the end of the course, but stop before you go over the ledge that prevents you from racing the course backwards. Drive out to the lip of the ledge and turn around, and you’ll face a steep hill. Give yourself a nitro boost and blast up the center of the hill, and then turn at the last minute so that you launch off of the right lip of the ramp. You should go soaring over the Catch-A-Ride. This is obviously a bit tricky, but that’s the basic strategy, so good luck! If you manage to do it, the three challenges should give you a sweet 8,000 XP.

Next, it’s off to destroy the final fuel tank to complete the Fuel Feud mission.

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