Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Dahl Headland Part 5

So you’re at Lucky’s Last Chance Watering Hole and you have six optional quests just burning a hole in your pocket. I usually divide each quest into its own section, but four of the quests overlap, so the most effective way to complete them is all at once. Here’s the guide to Big Game Hunter, Survivor: Revolver, Fuel Feud, and Well There’s Your Problem Right There.

From Lucky’s, drive West, then swing North underneath the ramshackle bridge. Follow the West wall until you come across a group of bandits roasting a pig. You need that pig to bait Skagzilla for Big Game Hunter, but the bandits aren’t likely to give it up without a fight. After you’ve taken them down and grab the pig, look to your left to find the first valve for Well There’s Your Problem Right There. Turn it and hop back into your runner.

Continue North along the West wall. You’ll come across an old compound that houses one of the valves and all of the revolver parts. The revolver body is underneath the elevated runner in the building next to the Catch-a-Ride. Turn North and you should see the cylinder on a metal platform. To reach it, head up the ledge and hop across the rooftops.

From there, hop to the roof of the Catch-A-Ride and onto a ledge jutting from the rock wall to the West. Hop along the boulders until you get to the sight. Afterwards, drop down into the gated area to turn the second valve.

The barrel is the easiest to get. East from the Catch-A-Ride you’ll see a burned out runner. The barrel is sitting in there.

From there keep heading North along the wall. You’ll come to a bandit compound that’s dug into the mountain. You could charge in or you could play it safe by luring them out and dispatching them with a rifle or your runner. It’s your call. Once they’re dead, head inside, grab what’s in the red chests, and then blow up the propane tank for Fuel Feud.

After turning the first fuel tank into a crater, keep following the wall as it curves around until you get to a small gap that you’ll have to go through on foot. This is where you’ll find the final valve. Simply bolt it, turn it, and run back out. There’s really no reason to stay and fight the Scythids, unless you’re that desperate for the XP.

After that, return to Lucky and turn in what you’ve completed so far. You’ve got plenty more to go, but you’ll need all the experience you can get for the quests coming up.

To be continued!

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