Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Dahl Headland Part 4

Road Warriors: Hot Shots

After you turn in Powering The Fast Travel Network, it’s time to take out some of them runners. To get out of the Dahl Headland, you need to take down Mad Mel, but you’ll have to get his attention first. What better way to provoke him than blowing his runners sky high? This quest will involve a good amount of searching as you hunt down eight of Mad Mel’s Patrols. The quickest way is to drive around the lake across from Lucky’s bar. And remember, taking out normal outriders doesn’t count for this quest. They have to be Mad Mel’s guys.

There isn’t much to tell in terms of strategy here. Like I mentioned a few guides ago, the machine gun turret can prove more effective against runners, because rockets are fairly easy to outrun. Either way, taking down runners isn’t very difficult. Once you’ve completed the quest, turn it into Lucky to get Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse, where you’ll take on Mad Mel himself. Before you do that, however, there are six optional missions to complete in the Headland. If you don’t want to do them, you can head right on to the Mad Mel quest and take him down. If you want the XP from the optional quests, it only makes sense to do them first, as it will make you all the stronger for your battle with Mel.

If you didn’t accept the Big Game Hunter quest from Ernest when you first entered the Headland, head back up there and grab it. Then grab the five missions off of the bounty board next to Lucky’s. The quickest way to complete these missions is all at once, since the locations overlap and it will save you from doing a lot of backtracking. My next guide will start you on those six quests, after which you’ll only have Mad Mel to take down before you can leave the Dahl Headland and head into New Haven.

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