Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Dahl Headland Part 3

Powering The Fast Travel Network

No catchy quest name here! It’s time to turn on the Fast Travel Network, plain and simple. The network will make it a piece of cake to zip around the world of Borderlands and is especially helpful later in the game, when you’ve unlocked a significant chunk of the world. As fun as runners are, driving back and forth across Pandora would became a chore after a while.

To activate the network, Lucky needs you to throw a few breakers and a master switch. The breakers are easy to find, just a few yards Southeast of Lucky’s bar. Despite the short distance, be sure to take your runner for protection. After you flip the first switch, which you can do by just hopping up to it, you’ll be attacked by insectoid creatures called Scythids. They’re easy enough to shoot, but he quickest way to deal with them is to just hop in your runner and turn them into roadkill.

After they’re dead and gone, make your way to the second breaker just a few more yards Southeast. This one is a bit trickier to climb up to, but it’s far from impossible. Once you hit the switch, you may be attacked by bandit runners, so be prepared.

After that’s all taken care of and any opposition is dead, you need to throw the master switch. Head East from the second breaker to reach the electrical station. Here, you’ll encounter plenty of bandit opposition when you walk through the door, so you’re not going to. Instead, park your runner right outside, hop into the gunner’s seat, and open fire. Whether you have the machine gun or rocket launcher, you’ll be able to kill everything within sight. Once the coast looks clear, pop your head in the doorway, which should provoke any remaining bandits, and dart back to your turret to finish them off with ease.

Climb the stairs to find the master switch. Once you flip it, you’ll face round two of Mel’s goons. They’ll attack from the ground below, so if you have a sniper rifle, now is the time to use it. Have a close range weapon equipped in another slot to deal with anyone who manages to sneak up the stairs.

Of course, you don’t have to fight this second battle. You could just hop over the railing, dash past everyone, and take off in your runner. Whatever you do, once you leave, head back to Lucky to turn in the quest.

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