Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Dahl Headland Part 2

Getting Lucky

The door to Lucky’s Last Chance Watering Hole is locked tight, so you’ll have to go through a hole in the fence at the north of the compound. As always, take it slow and don’t go charging in with your best Rambo impersonation. Hang back and snipe off any baddies you see. This will stir up the nest and cause the various psychos to come charging at you, so you can deal with them your own way, rather than walking into an ambush. They’ll all have to squeeze through the small opening in the fence, so they’ll practically line up to be killed. Equip something devastating (Sledge’s shotgun works great) and open fire as they burst through.

Eventually, bandits will stop coming and you won’t be able to snipe anyone else, so you’ll have to head in and pick off the remaining enemies, of which there will be about fifteen. That seems like a lot on paper, but after making it this far in the game, you should be able to take down a measly fifteen bandits in your sleep. After you kill the last one, the gate to Lucky’s backyard will open, leading to chests and more bandits. As you approach the gate, you’ll be rushed, so be ready. Don’t go in yet, just hang back and let them come to you.

After you survive the ambush, load up on ammo and let your shields recharge before you actually enter the new section, as a Badass Bruiser is waiting for you. It’s a good idea to nail him with fire or acid, as that will wear down his health bar while you fill him full of holes. He comes from inside the actual tavern, so once he’s dead, you can head inside and free Lucky. But before you do that, climb up the pile of tires on the side of the building to get to the roof where another chest awaits.

After you free Lucky, you’ll get a few more missions, as well as 2,400 XP, about $2,000, and a grenade mod. Now it’s time to turn on the fast travel network!

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