Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Dahl Headland Part 1

You’re moving on up! You’ve put the Arid Badlands in your rear view mirror and made your way to the desolate Dahl Headland, where a crazed man named Mad Mel controls all of the roads. You’ll no doubt encounter some of his cronies in their runners. Don’t be afraid to send them back in body bags.

Leaving Fyrestone

This is the quest that will take you out of the Badlands. Helena Pierce wants to meet you in New Haven, but you need to get through the Headland first, which is no easy feat. Your first task, though, is very easy: talk to Ernest. Ernest can be found as soon as you enter the area, up the hill past the New-U and the Catch-A-Ride, hanging out in his little shack. Talk to him and he’ll give you two quests, one mandatory and one optional. As before, for the sake of this guide, I’m going to cover every mission, mandatory or not. Besides, if you skip too many optional missions, you won’t be leveled up enough to get through the game, making the optional quests not so optional after all!

Before you leave, be sure to hit the vending machines to see the new things in stock. You can now upgrade to level 3 Storage Deck Mods for your guns. There should be new, more powerful grenade mods, too. When you leave Ernest, you might want to grab a runner with a mounted machine gun for taking out the enemy runners. I know that the rocket launcher goes “kaboom,” making it a very tempting choice, but rockets can be outran, especially when you’re playing solo and using auto-targeting. While the machine gun does less damage, you can still make short work of enemy vehicles if you keep up the fire.

Finally, be sure to hit the ramp opposite Ernest as your way into the Dahl Headland. If you boost, you should get enough air to complete the “Hang Time” challenge, which will give you some XP. Once you hit the ground running (get it, because you’re in a runner) head South to Lucky’s Last Chance Watering Hole.

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