Borderlands Strategy Guide – Circle of Death: Meat and Greet

Now that you’ve completed Scavenger: Combat Rifle, it’s time to do the Circle of Death.

Circle of Death: Meat and Greet

If you just finished the combat rifle quest, you’re right next to the circle of death quest. Lucky you! Come back across the bridge and right across the road, slightly to your right, is the entrance to a cavern. Head inside, cross that bridge, and talk to the man there, Rade Zayben, to get this quest underway. He’ll give you Circle of Death: Round 1. This one is easy, as it’s just level 10 and 11 skags and usually one 13. If you’re not healed up or you need ammo or whatever, there’s vending machines to the right of Rade’s little shack. Stock up on what you need and head back past the shack to enter the arena.

They’re low level skags. Aim for the mouth and dodge their lunges and you should be fine. Don’t use your action skill unless you absolutely need to, since you’re going to be doing the next two rounds immediately afterwards and you will need it later.

After you kill everything, go back to Rade and turn in the quest for Circle of Death: Round 2. This one is tougher, as you’ll fight numerous level 13 skags, as well a handful of high-level elementals and alphas. Keep circling the room to make yourself a hard target. You’ll probably need to use your action skill here, so go ahead and unleash it. The soldier’s turret and the siren’s phasewalk are especially effective towards alpha skags, as they allow you to attack from behind.

After you come out of this one alive, you’ll turn it in for Circle of Death: Final Round. The game will tell you it’s a level 18 quest, but you can pull it off if you’re 15 or 16. The game usually plays it safe. This round will throw plenty of level 13 to 16 skags at you, and that’s just the appetizer. You might also see high-level badass elemental skags, and yes, they are called “badass.” The final skags will usually be level 18. By this point, you’ll probably have already used your action skill, if not last round then at the beginning of this one, so go after your enemies with elemental weapons and shotgun blasts.

Once you beat it, not only will you get almost five thousand XP (just for the final round!), but you’ll also get a pretty good repeater pistol.

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