Borderlands Strategy Guide – Brick Part 3

I mentioned in a previous guide that Brick isn’t the best character to solo as if you’re playing for the first time. Brick isn’t as well rounded as Roland is and can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, if you’re playing with friends, Brick is considerably easier. This is because if you get ganged up when you’re coming out of Berserk mode, which will happen from time to time, you’ll have some teammates that can rush in and save the day. Two is always better than one, and four is better than two! Three is good, also.

Be sure to max out Hardened and Safe Guard. I’ve mentioned maxing out these two skills with each Brick guide I’ve written so far and with good reason – these are two of the most important skills he has, regardless of what play style you’re following. These will increase your health and your shields. You’ll want to be tough. In a team setting you will be taking less fire, but that’s because your teammates will be taking their fair share as well, and they’re the ones who will probably have to revive you if you go down.

Diehard, in the Tank branch, is also a great skill to have. It will increase the rate in which you regenerate health when you’re revived (or get a second wind) as well as giving you more time when you’re down before you die. Bash can help your party because it gives you a chance to daze your enemies with your melee attacks.

After those skills, you’ll need to choose whether to go Brawler or Blaster. If going Brawler, be sure to upgrade Prize Fighter, which gives your Berserk melee attacks a chance to spawn cash prizes. It’s goofy, to be sure, but helpful.

If going the Blaster route, go for Endowed, Wide Load, Liquidate, and Master Blaster. This will give you a hefty supply of rockets that do increased damage and cut down your Berserk cooldown. Although you’re going Blaster, you’re still going to want to use Berserk. Once you max put Master Blaster, your rocket supply will be near-infinite.

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