Borderlands Strategy Guide – Brick Part 2

Maybe you chose Brick, but you yourself aren’t really a “hands on” type player and you’re not crazy about focusing on melee. While dishing out punches might be the character’s specialty, he’s also quite good at blowing things up. Not only that, but if you allocate your skill points properly, you can make him almost immune to explosive damage. Here’s how to do it.

Max out Hardened and Safe Guard to increase your health and shield capacity and Cast Iron will make you more resistant to explosions. Endowed with increase the explosive damage that you deal while Wide Load will let you carry more rockets, so max both of those out. Finally, once you unlock Master Blaster, the top skill in the Blaster branch, max that out as well. Every time you kill an enemy, it’ll increase your fire rate and cause you to regenerate rockets for a few seconds. That’s right, regenerate rockets. At level five, you regenerate 10 rockets a minute.

To compliment this build, max out Liquidate as well, which reduces the cooldown time of your Berserk ability every time you deal explosive damage to an enemy. This way you alternate between blowing up enemies with rockets and crushing them with your fists.

After you’ve crafted this build, it’s important to get your hands on a good rocket launcher. Once you do so, you’ll be nearly unstoppable.

The only thing better than a rocket launcher-wielding, nigh-invulnerable Brick stomping through Pandora is a rocket launcher-wielding, nigh-invulnerable Brick stomping through Pandora with three other players watching his back. I’ll cover using Brick as a team player in the next installment of this guide.

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