Borderlands Strategy Guide – Sledge: Battle for the Badlands Part 1

Now that you’ve cleared your quest log, it’s time to battle the big guy. The Sledge mission will be your toughest yet. Not only is battling the big guy a difficult experience, but getting to him is no cakewalk, either.

To get to the Headstone Mine, head down towards the cave where you did Shock Crystal Harvest, but take a left before you get to the New-U pole. The path isn’t tricky. It should be your active quest so your compass will help you out.

After you enter the mine, there’s a New-U pole and some vending machines on the left. Use these to stock up like always. When you’re ready, bust out your sniper rifle or another long range weapon and proceed slowly, picking off bandits as you spot them. They have sniper rifles as well and aren’t bad shots. So take them out quickly and don’t stray too far from cover. This entire area is going to require this slow, methodical approach, as you move from area to area.

Be cautious of the enemies on the elevated train tracks off in the distance. Once you get to them, you’ll see that the gate is closed, but you can go up the stairs to the right. Be sure to open the gate in case you need to backtrack at some point, but don’t go through it right now, just continue forward up top. You should come to a room with a red chest and a balcony that overlooks an area to the south. Instead of going down the stairs, start picking off foes from up here. Keep an eye on the stairs for anyone that attempts to rush you.

From your sniping spot, look off in the distance and you should be able to spot a level 17 mounted turret on the opposite side of the yard. Taking out a turret, especially with small arms fire, would take too long and too much ammunition, so you want to go for the operator. If you have a sniper rifle, you should be able to hit the very top of the gunner’s head. If you don’t have a sniper rifle, a rocket launcher would be the next best thing. Keep firing rockets at the turret until the splash damage kills the gunner.

If you can’t kill him from far away, you’ll have to go in close, which I’ll cover in the next guide.

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